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New Invention, The Nano Killer 

A Device Which Destroys Implants!

Using the power of high voltage pulsed magnetism, we can destroy implants by overloading their low voltage circuitry. Nano technology in the body must operate at the very same voltage of the human nervous system which is 1/50 of a volt. The Nano Killer emits 30,000 volts which the microscopic Nano circuitry cannot handle causing it to fail. Your TI connection will be broken so your electronic torture and gang stalking will stop. You will be able to return to your normal life.

In the first test this Nano Killer was able to destroy implants with a single pass over them which only took minutes! The TI reported that his symptoms and gang stalking experience stopped.

                            It uses coils designed according to Tesla's pancake coil induction                               strategy for maximum transfer of power through the body.



 Treatment is available south of Brownsville, Texas in Matamoros, Mexico. 

Make your appointment by phone (832) 343-5425

or by email  at

We schedule appointments seven days a week for your convenience.

Easily accessable by Greyhound Bus and the Brownsville international Airport (BRN) nearby.

If arriving by air, take a taxi ($15) to the New Bridge. Staying in contact with me,

I will meet you on the Mexican side where you will be transported to my clinic.

Afterwards you will be returned to the bridge for your convenience.

Cost of treatment ..$300. Guaranteed for Life.

If you become retargeted at anytime the treatment is Free.

 If you would like to purchase the 30,000 Volts Nano Killer

Send a Check or Money Order for $350 to;


Michael Chapala

1443 E. Jefferson  #370

Brownsville, TX 78520


FREE Shipping in The U.S.

We are manufacturing these devices.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.